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Celebrating 10 years
3D Animation Services


Basehd Mission

BaseHD started off as an idea: to revolutionize the thinking of entrepreneurs and managers.
Taking complex products and making 3D visualizations that demonstrate them simply to define working value.

Your Product

Base HD is known for high-quality technical 3D animations, walk-through, technical media, movies, technical illustration, graphic design and rich interactive content in stunning photo-realistic form.

Base HD’s core business specializes in delivering high-end visually enhanced 3D animation, multimedia content and graphic design products and services for marketing and training that wish to stand out. Our 3D visualizations are a catalyst for clients to highlight and demonstrate features and benefits of their products attributes in an easy, effective, realistic and visual manner.

Base HD’s world-class virtually real 3D Technical Media is agile and flexible and we strive to be the market leader with the latest digital innovations to drive value to our clients.
Our 3-d media products and services have the potential to serve 3D tech animation needs in numerous B2B industries (Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction and Processing, Manufacturing, Re-manufacturing and Reverse Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Professional, Scientific, Medical and Technical Services, Web Development, Film and TV Broadcast) and organizations within those industries.

Technology is a critical component and we understand codecs. We know what it takes to get the best balance of quality versus bandwidth due to our years of experience. BaseHD is providing 3d animations in formats compatible with Flash Video, HD, Blu-ray (high definition) and wireless mobile (PDA) products such as Android and iPhone.
Base HD now offers 3-d animation software which can compress files and formats better than anything else on the market.


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Edmonton, Alberta
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